Photos: Alejandra Jimenez is Officially Belted By WBC Prez

Exactly one week ago, challenger Alejandra “Tigre” Jimenez, on a conference call with the WBC`s Martes a Café Presser, explained that she was under intense pressure to succeed with the super

middleweight belt on the line, and she vowed to buckle down and defeat champion Franchon Crews Dezurn in their battle last Saturday night in San Antonio. (photos by Alma Montiel)

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Never one to waste time, Alejandra triumphed with a split decision in a war. She was previously the WBC's heavyweight champion. But now the slimline Ale, who dieted down via sushi and fish, made a physical transformation.

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In the presence of her dad and alongside her flamboyant promoter Pepe Gomez of Cancun Boxing, Alejandra was officially presented with her World Boxing Council title from sanctioning body president Mauricio Sulaiman, who also gave her a wrist belt for every day use.

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The WBC revealed that she had passed a battery of anti-doping tests…five in total, to prove that he victory was attributed to six to eight hours of daily training at the Spartan Otomi High Altitude Training Center.

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