Muhammad Waseem in Self-Isolation, Frustrated by Pandemic

Muhammad Waseem of Pakistan is currently in self-isolation and advised everyone to stay at home in order to contribute to the efforts of his country, and others, in tackling the ongoing

coronavirus pandemic.

“I am in self-isolation. I haven’t left home for the last one week. I advise all Pakistanis to stay safe, stay at home as health is more valuable than anything else,” Waseem told ‘The News’ from his hometown of Quetta.


Waseem wants his country's prime minister Imran Khan to order an investigation into locating "patient x" - the first person to enter the country with the virus, which first began to spread rapidly in China.

“There was no such virus in Pakistan then who brought it here,” Waseem said. “Who allowed infected people from Iran to enter Pakistan. It’s a big issue and it is the responsibility of the federal government to deal with this.

“It’s a big issue. I can’t train. Although I think I should establish a gym at home. All my colleagues in England and Scotland are at home as gyms have been closed. It’s a global issue and we should tackle it by limiting social contacts and staying at home."

Waseem was scheduled to face former European champion Ryan Farrag in Kazakhstan on March 28 in a flyweight clash - but boxing events all over the world were canceled in March and April.

Initially Waseem was going to return to the ring on March 6 in Dubai - but he pushed back his return due to lack of preparation.

The boxer's career is handled by MTK Global. A former Asian Games bronze medallist, Waseem has not seen action in 2020, but picked up two wins in 2019 in Dubai.