Frampton Urges People To Follow Social Distancing Guidelines

Former two division world champion Carl Frampton, 33-years-old, is raising his eyebrows at the volume of people that are not obeying the public health warnings with respect to social distancing.


the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, the boxer still finds himself by approached by fans when out in public. The public has been urged to try their best to keep a distance of six feet from another individual when going outside.

“The odd occasion I’ve been going to the shop to pick up groceries and people don’t get it,” Frampton told BBC Radio Ulster.

“People are approaching me in line and grabbing me for photographs and autographs. I feel like I am a nice guy, but it gets to a point where I’ll have to start telling people to go away. This is a very serious matter."

carl-frampton (19)

There are now over 500,000 cases of coronavirus in the world, with the number growing at an alarming rate on a daily basis.

“I know a doctor who is in the frontline – very much so – as head of the ICU at the Mater Hospital and he’s anxious, he’s worried about the situation, and he’s very worried about what is coming,” Frampton said.

“It angers me that large groups of people are gathering in place, so I don’t know how that makes him feel and the other people working for the NHS.”

Frampton was slated to face WBO super featherweight champion Jamel Herring on a June date in Belfast, but that fight is likely going to get pushed back to a later date in the year. Between travel restrictions and the current lockdown, Frampton is not convinced that he can properly prepare for such a fight.

“We have been socially distancing for a long time now [when I'm in training camp], me the wife and the kids, but the last few days we have been in isolation, keeping ourselves to ourselves. We’ve been out in the car and doing some stuff but we haven’t been around people. I’m in a lucky position where I can go into the garden with the kids,” Frampton said.