WBO to re-score Horn's controversial win over Pacquiao, but result will stand

Manny Pacquiao will get his wish, as the World Boxing Organization has agreed to re-score his recent welterweight world title loss to Jeff Horn, but he probably won't get his belt back.

Horn defeated Pacquiao by unanimous decision in Australia on July 2. The result, and in particular one judge's 117-111 score, was highly controversial, with many believing Pacquiao should have been declared the winner.

After the fight, a department of the Philippines government requested a WBO review, and Pacquiao also urged action.

The WBO confirmed it will re-score the fight, but said the result of the match is not expected to change even if re-scoring shows Pacquiao should have been victorious.

"The purpose of this review is to be able to give the fans certainty of who was the winner of the bout, even though we do not have the power to reverse the decision of the judges," WBO president Francisco Valcarcel told the Associated Press.

Pacquiao has a rematch clause in his contract and is expected to fight Horn again.