Klopp shares hilarious insight on Brendan Rodgers' EPL return

Brendan Rodgers' return to the Premier League has many fans wondering about his impact in the next few games with Leicester, but there's one man that was really worried about where

the former Liverpool coach was going to land.

That man is none other than Jurgen Klopp, who talked about his predecessor in Liverpool's hot-seat prior to Wednesday's game against Watford. In true Klopp fashion, the German boss admitted that having Rodgers in the EPL was good news, but a short and sweet answer caught the eye of those in attendance.

"Rodgers going to Leicester is fine, because if he goes to Everton he will want his house back," Klopp jokingly replied.

One of Klopp's first orders of business when he joined Liverpool was to find a suitable home. He did so by renting a house in Formby, which belongs to Rodgers. With that in mind, a return to say, Everton, would have forced Klopp to search for a new house, as his current home would certainly become unavailable.

The other reason for which Klopp did not want Rodgers to join Everton may be that the Merseyside Derby is going to take place next weekend, and the German boss would have had a hard time to prepare his match with a new boss calling the shots inside the other team's dugout.