Best quotes from Khabib vs. McGregor UFC 229 press conference

Warning: Story contains coarse language

Khabib Nurmagomedov and Conor McGregor were scheduled to complete their final press conference before UFC 229 on Saturday.

The only problem was, McGregor showed up late.

Tired of waiting for his opponent, Nurmagomedov fielded questions for roughly 15 minutes and then decided to leave.

Minutes later, an excited McGregor showed, fielding questions himself with the champion absent.

Here are the best quotes from Thursday's press conferences:


Will he shake Conor's hand?

"No. No way. No way … because."

What he envisions happening Saturday

"Beginning of the first round, I have to be careful with him because he has good timing, good boxing. But my wrestling and my pressure - he has to kill me to stop me. I’m gonna stop this guy, I’m going to finish this guy. This is my plan."

Given everything that's happened, is this bigger than just a fight?

"Honestly, this is more than defending my title. For me, it's personal. Honestly, for me it’s personal. Of course this is the biggest fight in UFC history, and we’re gonna break this record … For me, it's personal."

Will the fight go to decision?

"Maybe. Maybe decision. Maybe I’m gonna finish him. But all the time when he’s tired, he gives up. This is all the time. Like before fights, he talks like 'I'm ready for this, I'm ready for this,' when he fight with Diaz, when he fight with Mayweather. But when he’s tired he gives up all the time."

Time's up

"15 minutes. 15 minutes I am here, this guy didn't come. This is big disrespect. Thank you so much. Tomorrow, 9 a.m., I am going to show you my weight. See you tomorrow, guys. Have a good night."


Why were you late?

"I've been later than this. The traffic was a little heavy, there must be a McGregor fight going on. I don't know where the little fool is."

On why Khabib left the press conference

"He doesn't want to be around me, he doesn't want to be around these people. He's petrified."

Fight prediction for Saturday night

"I plan on knocking that man's nose straight into the nosebleeds. That's what's going to happen Saturday night ... I am ruthless here. I am coming to put a hole in this man's skull. Dip my knuckle into his orbital bone."

On his rivalry with the champion

"F--- peace. There will never be peace here. I always say you should aim for peace, but if you can't aim for peace, aim between the eyes and that's it. I'm going to aim right between that man's eyes. And this is never over. Never, ever, ever over."

On Khabib's absence from the press conference

"He didn't have the balls enough to stay here for a couple of minutes, actually. He spotted his chance and went running and that's it. Like in the fight. I believe he'll spot an exit and try to run. But I won't let him."

McGregor loves his money

"Do you know what's better than money? More f---'n money."