Bengals HC Taylor won't try to be McVay

It seems any NFL team with a head coaching vacancy this year was searching for the next Sean McVay.

The Cincinnati Bengals took the next best thing in McVay's now-former

quarterbacks coach with the Los Angeles Rams, Zac Taylor.

The Bengals officially introduced Taylor as their new coach Tuesday and he tried to temper expectations that he'll arrive in Cincinnati as the second coming of Los Angeles' 33-year-old offensive wunderkind.

"If I try to be Sean McVay, I'm going to fail," Taylor said, according to ESPN's Katherine Terrell. "To be quite honest with you, we're different people. I've learned a lot from him, but I'm going to be Zac Taylor and do the best I can my way. And not my way, it's the Cincinnati Bengals way, right?"

McVay became the youngest coach in modern NFL history when the Rams hired him in 2017. As the offensive play-caller, he helped Los Angeles rank second in offense and points scored in 2018. The Bengals ranked 26th and 17th in those respective categories.

Taylor, 35, will also call plays with the Bengals, but that is likely where the similarities will end between the two.

"Sean is a very dynamic personality. He walks in front of a room and he energizes that room," Taylor said. "And that's Sean's personality. I'm a little more reserved. That's just the way that I am.

"So I'm not going to try to be Sean. Sean is spectacular in his own way and I'm going to do it the way I feel most comfortable with and has got me to this point."