Barcelona 'crowned' as the highest earning club in the world

The annual document know as Football Money League, published by American firm Deloitte is in, and Barcelona fans have reasons to celebrate. According to the study, Barcelona is the first team

in the world to go earn over $935M in a year, surpassing bitter rivals Real Madrid not only on the pitch, but away from it as well.

Los Culés became the team with the highest revenue thanks to their 22% increase in from last year, while their Spanish rivals only managed to grow 1% in the 2018-19 season. The study considers the amount of money earned on all matchdays, TV/streaming income and commercial revenue (merchandising around the world).

The Blaugrana side's revenue grew by $167M, compared to their revenue from the previous season. Their $935M valuation saw almost 50% of their revenue coming from all matchdays ($427M), while their "lowest" figures came from commercial rights, earning a bit over $177M.

Real Madrid's disappointing season saw them lose the top spot in this ranking, being able to earn $842M in their first year without Cristiano Ronaldo. Los Blancos based their revenue on the amount of money earned on matchdays ($394.6M), while their TV/streaming income reached $287M. The team also accomplished a commercial revenue of $161.1M.

The third team on this list is Manchester United, who reached a total revenue of $791.8M. The Red Devils lead the Premier League with a matchday income of $353M, and their TV/streaming rights saw them earn a bit over $304.6M. Last, but not least, the English side earned $134.2M from commercial deals, including merchandising and sponsorship deals.

Here's how Deloitte rounds up the top ten for their Football Money League study (all numbers in millions of dollars):

1. Barcelona ($935M)

2. Real Madrid ($842M) 

3. Manchester United ($791.8M)

4. Bayern München ($734.6M)

5. PSG ($707.7M)

6. Manchester City ($679.5M)

7. Liverpool ($673M)

8. Tottenham Hotspur ($580M)

9. Chelsea ($571M)

10. Juventus ($511.6M)